Nieuwe wandelmuziek

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Songs in this part: Every Once In a While, She Let Herself Go, No News, Welcome To the Pleasuredome (Pleasurefix Mix), NO EXCUSES, Absolute Beginners (Single Version), Days of America, Stardust, Sleepy Little Town, Cry Myself to Sleep, Be My Wife (2017 Remastered Version), That Kind of Day, On a Roll, These Are the Good Ole Days, The Chosen Ones, Rare, Ace In the Hole, Down In Flames, There You Have It, The Bible and the Belt
Songs in this part: Sell a Lot of Beer, Speed of Life (2017 Remastered Version), It Must Be Love, Good Things, Done With It, Postcard, Lie to Me, We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee, Rikki Don't Lose That Number, Drive It Like You Stole It, California, Bobbie Ann Mason, Big Love, Smooth (feat. Rob Thomas), Love Is All Around, $50 Dollars and a Flask of Crown, Lipstick, Keep the Light On, Bucked Off, Nobody's Sad On a Saturday Night
Songs in this part: I Break Everything I Touch, Dandelion (Single Version), Third Rate Romance, Everywhere (Remastered), Odetta, Seven Wonders (Early Version), A New Flame, Land of Confusion

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