morsar30's walking playlist

This playlist is available in 3 parts:

Songs in this part: Just Dance, Like a G6, Since U Been Gone, That's What You Get, Firework, We R Who We R, My Life Would Suck Without You, Bad Romance, Who Knew, Fuck You, Wake Up Call, Rock Your Body, Dog Days Are Over, Use Your Love, 1901, Misery, Sugar, We're Goin Down, Here It Goes Again, I'm Yours, Take Me Out
Songs in this part: Before He Cheats, New Shoes, Miss Murder, Evacuate the Dancefloor (Radio Edit), Marry You, I Don't Want to Be, How Far We've Come, Take It Off, Turn to Stone, Run-Around, The Way We Get By, Why Don't You & I, MakeDamnSure, Paper Planes, Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na), Feel Good Inc, I Want You Back, Harder to Breathe, Banquet, Fall Behind Me
Songs in this part: Breakout, Hook

Why did we split up the playlists?

Due to a limitation in iTunes, we must split this playlist into multiple parts.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.